Past Challenges

Kilometres of Compassion can be whatever you want it to be. Whether you walk, run, swim, cycle, or choose any other way to move your body – every dollar you raise will go directly to support refugees and people seeking asylum. Here are some stories from our 2022 ASRC Challenge to inspire you as you clock up your own KMs of Compassion.

Hamilton Australia

The cast of Hamilton Australia – spearheaded by star ASRC supporter Julian Kuo, who plays the role of Switch – took part in the 2022 ASRC Challenge. As an ensemble, they performed a very special dance routine, which you can watch here.

The ASRC extends its gratitude to the entire Hamilton Australia cast, crew, production for supporting the vital work the ASRC does, providing critical resources for refugees and people seeking asylum including healthcare, employment, housing, legal aid and much more.

“We’re honoured to partner again with the ASRC after working together on the World Refugee Day Telethon earlier this year. So many of us are the children of immigrants, first generation Australians, who want to see Australia become the country we know it can be. As a cast and crew, we care deeply about equal opportunity for all and want to do everything we can to support the ASRC in the fantastic work they do with Refugees and people seeking Asylum. ‘Immigrants, we get the job done!’”

Tom Ballard

Comedian Tom Ballard joined the 2022 ASRC Challenge and cycled almost 50 KMs of Compassion.

On Tom’s support for the 2022 ASRC Challenge: “I’m excited to be doing the ASRC Challenge on Sunday 20th November to raise some cash for the great work the Centre does supporting and fighting for refugees and people seeking asylum.

I’m going to be cycling from my house in Footscray to the Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation in Broadmeadows and back again for a total of 46 Kilometres of Compassion.

Get involved! It’s one day, your way: choose your challenge, or donate what you can, and support the amazing work the ASRC does with thousands of refugees and people seeking asylum each year.”

Rachel Werdin

“We took part in ASRC’s KMs of Compassion in 2021 and it was a wonderful day out while raising money for a fantastic cause.

Myself, my husband and our two kids (3 & 6 years old at the time) walked about 11kms along a nearby bike path and managed to raise almost $900. Not only was it an opportunity to support an organisation that provides such significant support to refugees and those seeking asylum within our community, but also a great time to speak with our kids about issues such as displaced populations, multiculturalism, and the need for more compassion in the face of politically expedient fear-mongering.

Even when those little legs got quite tired (as they did well before we reached our destination) what possibilities this created for reflecting on the extreme hardships so many others face in this world, and what an incredibly small sacrifice our exertion was in contrast. We will definitely be taking part again this year, are considering doing a bike ride just to mix things up and I am personally aiming to crack the $1000 mark this time around!”

Green Hat

“We wanted to support ASRC and participate in the Run4Refugees in 2021 because we respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and support the rights of all people to live with safety and security. ASRC do a fabulous job of empowering people seeking asylum and we wanted to actively support them as they mobilise a community of compassion.

As well, it meant that our Green Hat Team could be together and not virtual as we had been during COVID. We designed our own route including a 5km and 10km walk or run as well as a 1km walk for our young children and we celebrated at the end with a BBQ and lots of water! Our Green Hat friends, our families & neighbours supported us, and we’re pleased to say that we reached our donation goal. What a great day, a great effort and a great cause!

“I think of asylum seekers as having been ‘on the run’. So, it is fitting that we would 'run' for them to help find asylum and safety here in our country.’

Andrew Haussegger
Green Hat CEO

Andrew Trembath

“I chose to cycle 71 kms as part of the ASRC’s ‘KMs of Compassion’ fundraising initiative because the ASRC provides such wonderful services to asylum seekers and refugees. Over the years, I have seen how the ASRC makes a difference to the hard lives experienced by people who have come to Australia seeking our help, only to be confronted by harsh government policies. The ASRC is simply a fantastic organisation with such hard-working and compassionate staff and volunteers.

I can really recommend participating in KMs of Compassion. You can choose your own activity and distance, perhaps setting yourself a challenge while raising valuable dollars for the ASRC at the same time. I really enjoyed the experience of seeing how wonderfully generous people are in supporting others experiencing hard lives, and the physical challenge of the ride was great, too.”

Chris Darmanin

“Last year, I ran 8km a day for eight days straight to highlight that it had been eight years since the Australian Government announced that people seeking asylum arriving by boat would never be settled in Australia. It was quite a challenge but I received great support from family and friends and was proud to have prompted conversation on the topic and raise funds for ASRC.”